genealogy of the heim and kalander families
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Heim Girls ca 1915
Heim Girls ca 1915
Welcome to all interesed in the families of George & Carrie Heim and Harold & Maggie Kalander. This is an ongoing work of love. All comments & suggestions are welcome.

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Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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If you have any questions, comments or would like to share research with me, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Latest News
12 May 2010 - REALLY BIG NEWS After 30+ years of searching, I have finally confirmed the surname, and found the birth record for Jacobine Cathrine RAU who was George Heim's grandmother.

12 May 2010 - My sister, Kris Kalander Bump and Cousins Steve Hatchett (son of George and Mary) and Denise Heim Parker (daughter of Bill) are in the process of digitizing photos to add to our collection. I hope others will join in the effort.

3 May 2010 - Because of Privacy issues, info and pics for live individuals can only be viewed by registered users after log-in.

23 April 2010 - In 1989 our cousin, Denise Heim Parker (Bill's daughter) collected essays and pictures from the Heim kids and published them in a spiral bound book. I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the originals, but another cousin took pity and made copies for me. I am currently transcribing the stories so all can have them. Click on "Media" and the "Histories" to find them.

22 April 2010 - Joan Ohman let me know that some data got scrambled in the transfer. Please let me know if you catch any of these glitches so that I can correct them.

21 April 2010 - I hope that each of you will begin writing a biography, a family history, with special memories of your parents/families and put here on line.

20 April 2010 - HOORAY!!! I have finally created a site for the cousins to visit, learn about the family, and add their own family info, photos and histories.