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PHOTO: Heim Cousins ca 1913 at Buckeye Lake, Ohio.
In front, Judson Messenger. Back, left to right, Louise (Saum), Mary (Hatchett) and Anniel (Bishop) Heim, Helen (Myer) Wilson, Dorothy Heim and Leona (Baumgardner) Heim. ***NOTE: Cousin Leona died in 2011 at 100 years of age.

Welcome to all interesed in the families of George & Carrie Heim and Harold & Maggie Kalander. This is an ongoing work of love. All comments & suggestions are welcome.

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2 May 2017 - Added a whole new look to the site.

2 May 2017 - With the new look for our site, comes a wealth of new information. Our ancestors have more than doubled.

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