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Carroll, Ohio, United States



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Daisy Belle  4 May 1887Carroll, Ohio, United States I922
2 BOYD John Donald  30 May 1918Carroll, Ohio, United States I12972
3 BOYD Mabel Marie  8 Dec 1909Carroll, Ohio, United States I12973
4 CAMPBELL Daniel  12 Dec 1837Carroll, Ohio, United States I12791
5 Reverend CAMPBELL Daniel Cavitt  22 Jun 1899Carroll, Ohio, United States I12810
6 Reverend CAMPBELL John Elmer  28 Aug 1867Carroll, Ohio, United States I10793
7 DONALDSON Eleanor  14 Sep 1814Carroll, Ohio, United States I12697
8 FERGUSON Bertha Etta  29 Sep 1881Carroll, Ohio, United States I885
9 FOSTER Sarah J  10 Jan 1853Carroll, Ohio, United States I12332
10 GRAFTON Charles A  4 Nov 1869Carroll, Ohio, United States I995
11 HOSACK Ada M  9 Dec 1882Carroll, Ohio, United States I12734
12 HOSACK Gladys R  16 Jul 1909Carroll, Ohio, United States I12755
13 HOSACK Lawrence Leroy  23 Sep 1869Carroll, Ohio, United States I12731
14 HULL Forrest D.  1889Carroll, Ohio, United States I1087
15 HULL John Armstrong Lindsay  Mar 1860Carroll, Ohio, United States I1084
16 HULL Paul Byron  Jul 1887Carroll, Ohio, United States I1086
17 HULL Queenie Eliza  Sep 1885Carroll, Ohio, United States I1085
18 HUNTER Carl G.  5 Aug 1903Carroll, Ohio, United States I911
19 HUNTER Claire Gilbert  15 Mar 1909Carroll, Ohio, United States I914
20 HUNTER Howard H.  9 May 1901Carroll, Ohio, United States I927
21 JAMES Alexander Campbell  21 Sep 1849Carroll, Ohio, United States I697
22 JAMES Josephine  Abt 1853Carroll, Ohio, United States I699
23 JAMES Martha Delia  22 Dec 1843Carroll, Ohio, United States I694
24 JAMES Martin Whitacre  Abt 1847Carroll, Ohio, United States I695
25 JAMES Wilton Henderson  Abt 1850Carroll, Ohio, United States I698
26 LONG Leonard E  20 Mar 1893Carroll, Ohio, United States I9223
27 MCCREA Jennie H, ,Magnus  Jan 1868Carroll, Ohio, United States I1188
28 MCGINNIS Anna Eliza  5 Nov 1853Carroll, Ohio, United States I12800
29 MCLAUGHLIN Ralph H  14 Jun 1912Carroll, Ohio, United States I12098
30 MINNER George Thomas  Abt 1836Carroll, Ohio, United States I5349
31 MORROW Aaron H.  16 Nov 1844Carroll, Ohio, United States I851
32 MORROW Fred Ferguson  2 Oct 1875Carroll, Ohio, United States I861
33 MORROW Freddie Joan  13 Mar 1923Carroll, Ohio, United States I9230
34 MORROW James C  1879Carroll, Ohio, United States I9244
35 MORROW James William  23 Jan 1862Carroll, Ohio, United States I855
36 MORROW Jonah Queen  29 Apr 1849Carroll, Ohio, United States I853
37 MORROW Lydia  20 Sep 1842Carroll, Ohio, United States I850
38 MORROW Mary E.  8 Apr 1865Carroll, Ohio, United States I856
39 MORROW Mary Louella  25 Dec 1867Carroll, Ohio, United States I917
40 VANFOSSEN Berton  7 May 1883Carroll, Ohio, United States I12986
41 VANFOSSEN Jesse  1841Carroll, Ohio, United States I12785
42 VANFOSSEN John Boice  29 Dec 1844Carroll, Ohio, United States I12787
43 VANFOSSEN Mary  10 Feb 1821Carroll, Ohio, United States I12594
44 VANFOSSEN Mary Jane  7 Feb 1842Carroll, Ohio, United States I12786
45 VANFOSSEN Sarah D  17 Apr 1895Carroll, Ohio, United States I12988
46 VANFOSSEN Sarah Geraldine  15 May 1873Carroll, Ohio, United States I12836
47 VANFOSSEN Stella Ann  12 Mar 1909Carroll, Ohio, United States I12405
48 WHITLA Agnes Jane  17 Jul 1834Carroll, Ohio, United States I12600
49 ZERBE William Amos  14 Nov 1874Carroll, Ohio, United States I3212


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOYD Mabel Marie  13 Mar 1999Carroll, Ohio, United States I12973
2 CAMPBELL Daniel  12 Aug 1885Carroll, Ohio, United States I12791
3 CAMPBELL Eleanor Boice  1906Carroll, Ohio, United States I12795
4 CAMPBELL Mary Jane  22 May 1961Carroll, Ohio, United States I12797
5 CAMPBELL Robert  17 Apr 1891Carroll, Ohio, United States I12959
6 DENNIS Isabelle Delilah  5 Jan 1939Carroll, Ohio, United States I866
7 DONALDSON Eleanor  1 May 1892Carroll, Ohio, United States I12697
8 DUNCAN Anna Belle  19 Apr 1977Carroll, Ohio, United States I12752
9 GRIFFITH William Frank  26 Aug 1961Carroll, Ohio, United States I884
10 GRIMES Helen Louise  6 Apr 1990Carroll, Ohio, United States I12398
11 GUTHRIE Estella M  4 Feb 1988Carroll, Ohio, United States I13015
12 HARDGROVE Queenie Elva  9 Mar 1996Carroll, Ohio, United States I952
13 HARKLESS Bernice  25 Apr 1977Carroll, Ohio, United States I3513
14 HOSACK William Eaton  23 Apr 1961Carroll, Ohio, United States I12733
15 HULL Forrest D.  1890Carroll, Ohio, United States I1087
16 LONG Oliver Hugh  9 Oct 1967Carroll, Ohio, United States I12830
17 MORCKEL Alvin Howard  4 May 1998Carroll, Ohio, United States I12007
18 MORROW Amanda Lucinda  27 May 1969Carroll, Ohio, United States I975
19 MORROW Dorothy Olive  12 Feb 1998Carroll, Ohio, United States I887
20 MORROW Fred Ferguson  9 Jul 1975Carroll, Ohio, United States I861
21 MORROW Lydia  Mar 1871Carroll, Ohio, United States I850
22 MORROW Robert Dalzell  16 Jan 1958Carroll, Ohio, United States I979
23 MORROW Roxie Faye  5 Jun 2001Carroll, Ohio, United States I9227
24 MORROW Samuel Stocken  30 May 1963Carroll, Ohio, United States I977
25 ROUSH Herbert Benjamin  1 Sep 1974Carroll, Ohio, United States I12782
26 SNIVELY Fred Milton  20 May 1971Carroll, Ohio, United States I12828
27 VANFOSSEN Jesse  1863Carroll, Ohio, United States I12785
28 VANFOSSEN Mary Jane  25 Mar 1883Carroll, Ohio, United States I12786
29 WARE Sarah Deleska  26 Jan 1969Carroll, Ohio, United States I9231
30 WESTFALL Euna Gertrude  23 Jan 1965Carroll, Ohio, United States I12971
31 WILLIAMS Lewis Edgar  27 Nov 1955Carroll, Ohio, United States I9222
32 ZERBE William Amos  1874Carroll, Ohio, United States I3212


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNETT / TURNER  3 Aug 1941Carroll, Ohio, United States F4114
2 BOOTH / QUEEN  27 Aug 1903Carroll, Ohio, United States F191
3 BOYD / VANFOSSEN  17 Mar 1881Carroll, Ohio, United States F4193
4 BOYD / WESTFALL  21 Dec 1905Carroll, Ohio, United States F4195
5 CAMPBELL / VANFOSSEN  29 Dec 1864Carroll, Ohio, United States F4124
6 CAMPBELL / VANFOSSEN  1 Nov 1873Carroll, Ohio, United States F4191
7 CHANDLER / CAMPBELL  31 Aug 1916Carroll, Ohio, United States F4192
8 CONRAD / VANFOSSEN  19 Jun 1918Carroll, Ohio, United States F3973
9 CRAWFORD / HOSACK  5 Oct 1904Carroll, Ohio, United States F4118
10 GRIFFITH / MORROW  1900Carroll, Ohio, United States F504
11 GRIMES / VANFOSSEN  23 Nov 1904Carroll, Ohio, United States F3975
12 HOSACK / VANFOSSEN  1867Carroll, Ohio, United States F4102
13 JONES / WALLACE  4 Dec 1942Carroll, Ohio, United States F3867
14 LONG / SNIVELY  24 Dec 1921Carroll, Ohio, United States F4142
15 MCBRIDE / VANFOSSEN  10 Jul 1901Carroll, Ohio, United States F4148
16 MCCAUSLAND / CAMPBELL  22 Aug 1889Carroll, Ohio, United States F4134
17 MCCORT / WETZEL  10 Feb 1906Carroll, Ohio, United States F4197
18 MOORE / HUTSON  16 Oct 1907Carroll, Ohio, United States F571
19 MORCKEL / HARDGROVE  30 Sep 1914Carroll, Ohio, United States F666
20 MORROW / DEWELL  17 Oct 1908Carroll, Ohio, United States F576
21 MORROW / GODDARD  15 Aug 1917Carroll, Ohio, United States F517
22 MORROW / MCCONNEL  8 May 1915Carroll, Ohio, United States F516
23 MORROW / SMALLWOOD  17 Mar 1927Carroll, Ohio, United States F4466
24 PRICE / VANFOSSEN  9 Dec 1903Carroll, Ohio, United States F4092
25 SHUTT / QUEEN  5 Sep 1925Carroll, Ohio, United States F197
26 SWANEY / BUXTON  25 Dec 1890Carroll, Ohio, United States F4303
27 VANFOSSEN / CARK  12 Sep 1876Carroll, Ohio, United States F4203
28 VANFOSSEN / GAULT  6 Apr 1844Carroll, Ohio, United States F4190
29 VANFOSSEN / GEORGE  31 Mar 1870Carroll, Ohio, United States F4146
30 VANFOSSEN / MCCLURG  22 Dec 1909Carroll, Ohio, United States F4204
31 VANFOSSEN / WILLIARD  17 Jan 1908Carroll, Ohio, United States F3970
32 WEIR / CAMPBELL  9 Sep 1897Carroll, Ohio, United States F4145
33 WOOD / JAMES  Abt 1865Carroll, Ohio, United States F420