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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHERRY Ann J  Abt 1850United States I12614
2 GRANT Richard Malcolm  Abt 1890United States I13347
3 SVENSSON Eivor   I9388
4 TRESSEL Emmaline  1847United States I10611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSDOTTER Albertina Josefina  United States I5106
2 ANDERSDOTTER Anna Charlotta  United States I9756
3 ANDERSDOTTER Anna Maria  **United States I4553
4 ANDERSDOTTER Johanna  United States I9761
5 ANDERSDOTTER Johanna Sofia  United States I1648
6 ANDERSDOTTER Wilhelmina  United States I9760
7 ANDERSDOTTER HOLMBLAD Karolina  20 Oct 1960United States I8260
8 ANDERSDOTTER WALLIN Elisabeth Gustafva  16 Oct 1889United States I1888
9 ANDERSSON August  United States I9757
10 ANDERSSON Einar Salomo  United States I10257
11 ANDERSSON Frans Enoch  United States I10216
12 ANDERSSON Gustav Edvin  United States I8238
13 ANDERSSON Hans Edvard  United States I10620
14 ANDERSSON Jan Hindrick  United States I11306
15 ANDERSSON Johan Alfred  United States I5107
16 ANDERSSON Karl Johan  United States I5942
17 ANDERSSON Per Gustaf  United States I8454
18 ANDERSSON Sigrid  United States I12050
19 ANDREASDOTTER Eva  United States I11289
20 ANDREASDOTTER Gustava Wilhelmina  United States I1884
21 ANDREASSON Anders Elis  United States I11360
22 ANDREASSON Anders Gustaf  United States I4375
23 ANDREASSON Frans Wilhelm  United States I1882
24 ANDREASSON Gertrud Debora  1963United States I11654
25 ANDREASSON Jan Petter  2 Feb 1905United States I11358
26 ARONSDOTTER Hilma Axelia  United States I11333
27 ARONSDOTTER Selma  United States I11330
28 ARONSSON Theodor Valfrid  United States I11331
29 AUGUSTSDOTTER Anna Olivia  United States I6300
30 AUGUSTSDOTTER EK Anna Olivia  21 Mar 1955United States I1672
31 AUGUSTSDOTTER NELSON Sofia  United States I4392
32 AUGUSTSSON EK Charles Karl Axel  Aft 1930United States I1669
33 AXELSDOTTER Anna Kristina  United States I12158
34 BENJAMINSDOTTER Emeli Josephina  United States I8482
35 CARLSDOTTER Anna Maria  United States I10980
36 CARLSSON Erik Andrén  United States I11650
37 DAHL Sven Alexius  United States I9679
38 DAVIDSDOTTER ENGSTRÖM Anna Christina  United States I8130
39 ERIKSDOTTER Augusta Elisabeth  United States I8160
40 ERIKSSON Carl Ludwig  United States I11177
41 FRANSSON ANDERSSON Alex Gottfrid  United States I5864
42 GUSTAFSDOTTER Clara Charlotta  United States I11530
43 GUSTAFSSON Ephraim  United States I11524
44 HANSSON HENRIKSSON Carl Gustaf  United States I6125
45 HANSSON HENRIKSSON Johan Jakob  United States I6124
46 HÅKANSSON Johan Leander  United States I13418
47 HÅKANSSON MUNTER Klas  DECEASEDUnited States I13420
48 JANSDOTTER ANDREASSON Amanda  United States I11619
49 JANSSON Johan Adolf  United States I10349
50 JANSSON Karl Joakim  United States I10323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WARNER Roy  United States I10852


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSSON / SVENSSON  5 Dec 1908United States F2073