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an essay by
Alverda Louise Heim Saum

Daddy was a very hard worker and his family was very important to him. He loved a good time and was more social than mother. They seemed to resolve this difference in their personalities because they were very happy together, I am sure.

A good example of how they differed in their ideas of a social life can be illustrated by a story he liked to tell on himself.

My Dad's people were more reserved, I guess you would call it, than Mother's. Mother's brother and his wife loved to party, especially my mother's brother's wife, Aunt Eleanor. So when Mother and Daddy went up to the states on vacation, Daddy often spent time with mother's brother, Uncle Irv (Irvin), and his wife, Aunt Eleanor, and mother spent time with Aunt Hazel (Heim) and Uncle Fred (Schimmel)who raised Snookie. They spent part of their vacation separate, but part of it together.

One year during a visit with Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Irv, they had gone out on the town and mother did not want to go. She was up when they came home and she came into the kitchen. Daddy had his head down on the table so Aunt Eleanor said, "Now Carrie, he is not drunk,"

He just raised his head up and to the side and said, "The hell I ain't."

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